We sell and deliver the Salamander SE to all 50 states in the U.S. and all Provinces in Canada. We sell the Salamander SE (DEFRA approved) only because we believe in the cleaner burn and its low emissions that would allow this heater to be used in smoke control zones. The Hobbit SE is 302 mm /12” wide x 351 mm /14.25” deep x 460 mm /18 11/16” tall. Each Salamander SE comes complete with multi-function tool, mini dust pan and brush, a full set of installation instructions, and a 5 year warranty. Due to the overwhelming demand for this little wood stove, the Hobbit SE is available in factory black only. However, you can use a premium grade high heat stove paint like 'Stove Bright” from your local hardware store or hearth shop to paint your Hobbit SE the color of your choice. To order your Salamander SE please call (541) 482-9379 for personal assistance from our trained staff. Your Salamander SE will be delivered by FedEx Ground to your location from our warehouse in Southern Oregon. Approximate Fed-Ex Shipping for the Hobbit SE is $85.00 to $125.00 and approximately $20.00 to $50.00 for the Hobbit Stand. Visit our website to see all options for the Salamander SE www.tinystoves.shop