This is a beach house offer where the quarter acre beach property is part of the deal for the price of $35,500 and $220 per month.
The location is in Fiji, the ultimate paradise. Look that up.

The home is a converted shipping container with the interior from RainTree ply and light grain ply with flush toilet and gas water heater and stove.

The remarkable thing is the land is a Fiji government large beach parcel set aside to facilitate this tiny home village.  The beach is reef protected but right on the ocean. 

Life is good as it gets here with free healthcare too.

But few get sick, rather we heal in this unpolluted clean air South Seas living where the food is grown natural and the healthy lifestyle just heals like no doctor could. 

For citizenship or just residency, there are programs that are affordable and buying a home on the beach here is a big part of the qualification to live here for as long as you wish.

The expat community is growing and the yacht club is just $10 per year.  :-)  That saves a few thousand right there. 
Come on down and check it out... you won't be alone and you will be so glad you did.

Warm tropical regards,