Have you been thinking that owning a home would be a dream come true but don't have the money? Worried about the housing market? Have you wanted to live on a remote property? Have you ever looked at Container Homes or Tiny Homes and thought....that would be so cool? Have you been wanting to add a guest house on your property but the thought of building something from scratch seems like too much trouble? This is a one of a kind container home for sale and it is calling your name! But don't wait too long because this will go quick! Tiny homes and container homes have increased in popularity over the past few years....mainly due to the time and cost of having a true place to call home. This container home took the best of both and created a beautiful space that feels open and inviting. The floor plan flows and allows for so much versatility. The vaulted ceiling in the main area (kitchen, dining area, and family room) brings ongoing sunlight and visibility to blue skies. The space off the main area can be used as a bedroom, office, tons of additional storage. There is 1 full size bathroom. Here are some details: *2 containers 9'x20' *1 room 7'x7' *1 atrium in between the 2 containers 9'x20' *New windows and doors included (sizes and brands available upon request) Total size is 550 sq ft Fully wired for electricity Live water access Septic container included Custom design that you will not find anywhere else!!! This container home is ready to ship to any location. It is meticulously marked for easy assembly. With most pre-fabricated homes the flooring, countertops, etc are already determined or your choices are limited. Luckily, you are able to choose exactly what you want and truly make it your dream home. The cost of raw materials is at an all time high but no expense was spared when designing and building this unique home. Transportation of this home is not included in price. The home will be covered and secured for transport. Special Note: These 2 containers are One Way High Cube meaning they have only been to sea once and therefore have no rust. Standard containers are 8' tall but these are 9.6' tall which gives you the feeling of airy and elevated. Contact Kristin at 949-842-9224 or Iben at 424-354-2361 for additional details. ***This is a private seller...not a company. Land is not included.***