This 84 square feet Tiny House II is both efficient and affordable. The tiny house was completed in October 2014 by Trekker Trailers in Eustis, Florida.

About the Tiny House II
  • It has been used minimally and not as a permanent residence. The mini fridge, toaster oven, and plug-in burners have never been used.
  •  The Murphy-style bed folds up utilizing the living area underneath.
  • The bathroom includes small window, shower, and toilet. We used a compost toilet but it is plumbed to install a regular flush toilet.
  • The front of the house has the power cord as well as water and propane hook-up.
  • The inside under A/C measurement is 10' x 7' plus the bathroom.
The house is ideal for one person but obviously could fit two.  The outside needs some trim work repair but considered in the discounted price. Add any extra space-efficient features you desire.

Call (941)228-8534 or respond to this ad if you have any questions or need any additional information.

I can deliver to a reasonable distance.

This house has capability to be 'off-grid' with addition of solar panels, propane for heating water, and collection of rain water for shower or sink. The potential to live for a few bucks a month is there. Tires have minimal wear. Outlet on porch offers some outdoor options as well such as outdoor lighting or fans.