The Tiny Starter Home has the same footprint as the Grain Bin Cabin but only one floor is developed, with the option of a half floor second story for peace of mind and expansion space. Perfect for a young couple, college student or people that just donít need or want that much stuff or expense. It could be built as a rental unit (long or short term) or as part of an events center Ė it can be stacked as well. Low initial investment potential that can be upgraded as desired or high end from the start with less square footage to afford. It could be used to provide a residence to live in while a main house is being built and then serve as a guest house or income. A small thru wall heating/cooling unit will suffice in most any climate. Maintenance free for 70 years (a little pressure washing every couple years if itís dusty). Designed as a thermally broken, slab on grade, but many alternatives are possible as well.

First floor 346 SF; Second floor (optional) 346 SF

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