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 Solar Oval Cob Plan
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 Ad Posted:  Saturday, January 21, 2023
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SOLAR OVAL ONE is a compact  passive solar design with a loft which can be an outbuilding for many possible uses.  It has many valuable and green/sustainable features:

  • Potentially able to be constructed without a building permit
  • Cob wall construction 
  • An impervious base wall below the cob for moisture protection of the cob
  • A South facing wall of windows and french door for passive solar heating
  • An earthen floor for solar mass and economy of construction 
  • An interior cob bench for built-in seating and rocket mass heater
  • A built-in desk or kitchenette area with side storage niches
  • A north wall closet for storage space and insulation
  • Small East and West end side windows for views & area lighting
  • A sleeping loft accessible by a built-in ladder
  • Roof framing which needs only minimal small dimension lumber 
  • The roof framing can be easily adapted to your insulation needs
  • A corrugated sheet metal roof
  • The structure is designed to include seismic stability components
  • A pleasing curved design 
  • Low cost if you build it yourself

Building with cob allows the use of local sustainable materials.  In many areas the earth at your site can be used and only water, sand and straw will need to be brought to your site to make your cob.  The cob is mixed right where you are building and stacked up on an impervious foundation. There are no forms needed to make a cob building.  Curving sculptural walls are easily created.  Your imagination is set free when you build with cob.

To preview the Solar Oval One plans and order them, click here.

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